The Philosophy of Living Architecture

D/O Architects was formed out of a passion for residential architecture of all types and sizes. The founder, Colin Oglesbay, began his career in landscape architecture and after working with traditional architects he realized there was a missed opportunity in the way buildings are designed. Landscape design was an afterthought and the potential to align people with nature was completely missed. He continued his study to complete his Master's in Architecture to further his pursuit of Living Architecture.

Photo of Troutbrook cabin at dusk in the woods of Wisconsin
Troutbrook is a single-family cabin nestled into a WPA pine forest. The small 2000 square foot home is a family retreat in the rolling Wisconsin countryside.

Today, D/O Architects are a team of landscape architects and architects working in unison. We believe that part of creating happier, healthier lives is to integrate buildings and nature. Homes should be places of comfort, respite, and recharge. Living closer to nature is better for your health -- makes life better and even extends your life.

Bayside is a modern home focused on a modern courtyard landscape that rolls through the house to the greater lake views beyond.

We design homes centered around beautiful courtyard gardens, condominium towers with pocket gardens in the sky and micro cabins in the woods. Although our projects vary in scale and location, they are linked in their philosophy of simple modern homes that frame beautiful views, unify interior and exterior spaces and glow with natural materials. Our clients hire us because they love the outdoors and seek sustainable modern design.

People on a winding pathway in Green Axis Park surrounded by greenery and a lake
The Green Axis Park and Waterway is in the Layered City concept for a new city outside of Seoul Korea. Our design integrates pastoral green space into the overall city, layering healthy nature into a dense urban city.

We design your projects with absolute attention to detail and create places for your family to love, live, and thrive.