Colin OglesBay


Colin Oglesbay is the founder and managing principal of D/O Architects and leads the interdisciplinary design studio committed to design excellence through the seamless integration of structure and nature. Colin studied landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and received his Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

His work has been celebrated by the AIA and ALSA, and seeks to discover new and innovative methods linking landscape architecture and modern architecture. His writing, research and work has been published in numerous national and regional publications. He also teaches design at the University of Minnesota. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of landscape and architecture, he has lead projects ranging from new cities in South Korea to carbon-neutral cabins in Minnesota. Colin’s inspiration for living architecture comes from his passion for camping, mountaineering and anything that gets him out into rugged nature.



Jihyoon Yoon leads design for D/O Architects in both landscape and architectural projects. He has expansive experience from small-scale, residential designs to sustainable urban-scale master plans. He received dual degrees in Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University and the Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania.

His background in both fields leads to creative yet practical design solutions in refined modern projects. He loves to explore new ideas by keen observation, sharp analysis, and prodigious amounts of research. His abilities in both design disciplines allows him to author innovative sustainable architecture. Jihyoon has won several international competitions including the Architecture at Zero in San Francisco, the Innovative Hospitality in Las Vegas, and the Jacques Rougerie competition in Paris. He has worked for numerous nationally recognized firms. Jihyoon’s international experience also enables him to manage all of D/O Architecture’s work in Asia.

He is an artist who enjoys hand sketches in his downtime and has been invited to several art fairs and drawing exhibitions.



An avid proponent of sustainable modern architecture, Aaron is passionate about the development of healthy, vibrant, buildings and communities. His experiences gained during international travels along with humanitarian aid work while serving in the US Navy have led to a keen interest in global perspectives and how they relate at regional and local levels. Interested in both classical materials and cutting-edge design technology, he is inspired by elegant and simple solutions utilized within intricate systems to provide solutions for complex challenges.  As a designer Aaron has worked on large scale mixed-use and medical projects throughout the United States. Aaron completed his B.Arch at Dunwoody College where he won the Dunwoody Honors Award for his work related to how mixed-use design can impact community culture.

Aaron has a varied professional background including from serving as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy serving in Iraq to studying, competing in, and teaching martial arts professionally.



As a designer at D/O Architects Deuk is passionate about culture and architecture influence one another. He holds a Master of Architecture from University of Minnesota College of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture in South Korea. He has worked on a wide range of modern projects, including workplace, cultural and educational buildings. He also has broad experience in sustainable multi-family projects in both Korea and the US making him a great asset at the firm.

Deuk is also engaged in public art. He worked on installation projects for the 2016 Northern Spark events in Minnesota, and design and build furniture for an exhibition 'Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art' at Weisman Art Museum. He led a winning project of student competition: Incheon 2014 Asian Games Ganghwa Stadium in Incheon, Korea.



Tanner Else is an intern with D/O Architects. He grew up in Fridley Minnesota and attended Totino-Grace High School. He is currently finishing his last semester in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Tanner has had internship experience in both the residential assessment and home-building industries and is excited to put his education to work.

Outside of work, Tanner enjoys skiing and wake-surfing on local lakes, working on cars and attending car shows, and playing adult league hockey.  



Malia is the Accounts Manager at D/O Architects, where she coordinates all billing and invoicing. She has a background in statistics and economics and is a graduate from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her previous positions as a project manager in health care allows her to develop processes and systems for D/O Architects. She brings rational business practices to an artistic profession.  

When Malia is not balancing budgets, she is passionate about soccer. She plays soccer, holds season tickets to the Minnesota United and is a devoted Arsenal fan. Malia also loves travel and speaks five languages.



Cookie is a goldendoodle with lots of energy. He lives in downtown Minneapolis. Unlike people's common belief that dogs need a house with backyard, he enjoys this urban life quite a bit--he loves to stroll around downtown and say hi to people, or walk by ice cream shops to search for any spill on the ground. Cookie is passionate about living a high-rise multi-family lifestyle and advises D/O Architects on all canine related amenities.

Among his favorite things are brushing teeth with chicken flavored toothpaste, chasing squirrels in Loring Park, and taking a nap by the window while everyone works hard at D/O office. His goal in life is to be pet by as many people as possible and share his unconditional love.