This modern, sustainable, materials-forward cabin honors its Boreal Forest setting.

Located on a secluded site that was clear cut and later reforested by the WPA of Wisconsin, this cabin features simple, contemporary materials inspired by its natural environs. Black, charred-wood cladding allows the cabin to blend with the trees, is fire-retardant, prevents water infiltration, and boosts the envelope’s R-value. The open, loft-like interior’s clean, white palette contrasts with its warm, exposed wood finishes. Floor-to-ceiling glass dissolves the edge between inside and out, so the occupants can glimpse the river through the trees. A four-feet-on-center beam placement further connects them to their surroundings by echoing the planting pattern of the gridded forest.

Floor-to-ceiling windows wrap the corner of the living room, dissolving the edge between the interior and exterior.
Troutbrook is one of the first homes
built with mass plywood.
A large galley kitchen, dining area, and great room serve as the family gathering space.
Beams are placed four feet apart, rhythmically referencing the gridded forest.
A clean white palette contrasts with wood finishes.
A central staircase is located opposite the entry vestibule.
The burned-in concrete floor has a hand-troweled appearance; its silver tone is reminiscent of old pine needles on the forest bed.
Exposed SPF plywood is used for flooring, walls, and ceilings throughout.
Natural light enters two of the bedrooms from above.
All four bedrooms are located on the second level; the master bedroom has a glorious tree-top view.
Clad in black charred wood, the home blends softly into the trees.
Interior spaces are configured to efficiently accomplish a building program that includes three bedrooms, a great room with living, dining and kitchen areas, one-and-a-half bathrooms, and a library.