Landscape Architecture
Urban Planning and Redevelopment
This eco-corridor flows through the six districts of Confluence City connecting the new development with Incheon, South Korea and the mountains beyond.

The Green Current sustainable park system is a continuous trail system and green corridor that brings natural life and urbanity together. It provides those living and working in Confluence City with places to gather, dine, and relax al fresco, to commune with nature and observe wildlife, and to walk, run and bike without any danger from cars. As it flows on beneath the Kyung-In Highway and extends toward eco-parks in the nearby mountains, it transforms what was once a dark, industrial field into a vibrant current of green space filled with light and brilliant flowers.

The Green Current flows under and past the Kyung-in Highway.
The Green Current’s digital wrap engulfs a highway overpass
transforming it into an ecology park.
This mile-long green corridor runs through and perpendicular to the six districts of Confluence City.
What was once an industrial wasteland is now a pleasant place for play, walking, and relaxation.
There are sports courts and other site amenities that promote health and wellbeing.
A sound baffle wraps an existing overpass to dampen traffic noise.
Meditation gardens are located across from the innovation Forest Convention Building.