The high-performance façade of this 11-story, mixed-used development employs sustainable glazing and shading strategies to maximize energy efficiency and provide optimal views.

Located along the Twin Cities’ Energy Innovation Corridor in the shadow of Prospect Park North’s historic Witch’s Hat Tower, Maker's @ Minneapolis houses a mixed tapestry of uses aimed at creating a live/work incubation and innovation center. Spaces on the ground level include a makers’ workshop, gallery/retail space, and nonprofit textile center. Each residential floor has a gathering space and shared work area. The buildings are sited to preserve and frame the view of the Witch’s Hat Tower from University Avenue. High-performance façades use glazing with an interior panelized system that allows residents to close out the sun and balconies that retract behind a solar screen and offer opportunities for outdoor living.

Maker's @ Minneapolis supports its community’s goals by creating a place for living, making and a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors.
Maker’s @ uses a double wall façade
blocking summer sun and super insulating in the winter.
The selected site is located in the Prospect Park North neighborhood along University Avenue, which is an arterial street with multi-modal transit options.
The final building massing achieves programmatic requirements while creating a green corridor to connect University Avenue with Prospect Park.
Each floor has a gathering area and a shared workspace to support this mixed-used development’s role as an incubation hub.
The buildings’ facades use glazing and shading strategies that are based on sun angles and view sheds.
The buildings are sited to frame the view of a cherished historic landmark: the Witch’s Hat Tower.