The dynamic architectural forms of Block One’s 35- to 58-floor residential and mixed-use towers are inspired by the water language of their seaside site.

The Wave towers emerge from the ground like cresting currents of fritted glass. Their fluid, four-story bases roll up toward green roofs with offices and conference areas housed within. The Estuaries, three daring mixed-use structures, burst forth from the earth like waters of an artesian spring. Their latticed steel structures form a rippling surface above a shared plaza and retail podium. As visitors look up through soaring glass ceilings, they see the buildings’ facades undulate toward the sky. The Water and Tidal towers provide bright, naturally ventilated homes for Confluence City’s residents. Each unit has a three-season terrace that provides a majestic view of the mountains or the coast.

Located at the center of Confluence City, Block One’s dynamic architecture is shaped by culture, urban function, and natural forms.
Biomorphic diagrid sunshade inspired by natural form,
protects the building from the hot summer sun.
The design of Block One’s residential and mixed-use towers flows from the ground patterns of the site.
The towers burst forth from the landscape.
A sunshade system protects the glass of the facades from the hot summer sun while framing views for building occupants.
This is a place of innovation, nature, play, and wellbeing.
The Wave office towers are strategically staggered on the site with each surrounded by parks and greenways.
A nature trail, bike path, and park system called the Green Current traverses all six districts of Confluence City and flows through Block One.