This renovation transforms a small mid-century, tuck-under rambler into a sustainable, daring modern home rich in local materials.

Nestled in a neighborhood of two-bedroom, mid-century ramblers in the Village of St. Anthony this house was expanded to serve the needs of a blended family. The owners also wanted a modern, light-filled home. The design solution maintains the first-floor framing adds a second floor and wraps the exterior in charcoal-stained and natural cedar. The interior walls were removed to create an open plan with white walls and rich wood accents. The living room and metal staircase have floor-to-ceiling glass that allows these open areas to be bathed with natural light. The house is transformed into a four-bedroom home complete with a family room and office. The landscaping features architectural planters, a master-suite terrace, and a seamless deck that is sheltered by a cantilevered roof.

The renovation included adding a full second story.
Grain showcases sustainable,
locally harvested wood.
The materials are locally sourced, with a solid walnut hearth stained to match the natural cedar of the exterior chimney stack. White-oak floors are white washed as part of the white/gray/black modern palette.
The renovation opened up the floor plan to create bright, daylit spaces.
The open wood treads of the floating staircase allow natural light to travel to the basement below.
A steel-and-painted-wood screen wraps the stairway. It filters light and carries the weight of the floor and roof above.
The constrained modern palette continues throughout the home. The minimalist detailing of this water closet uses black steel for the light fixture, mirror frame, faucet, and handles combined with a gray Silestone countertop.
Every room has ample glazing to provide access to natural light and views to the exterior.
Solid walnut contrasts with the white Silestone vanity top and ceramic tile in the bathing suite off the master bedroom.
A custom-created wallpaper animates the home’s predominantly black and white palette in the children’s playroom.
A new fence provides privacy and creates a black backdrop for the white trunks of Aspen trees.
Baja steps allow for a gradual descent into a pool and double as seats for sunning outdoors. The upstairs terrace cantilevers seven feet out from the edge of the house, providing a shade for the deck below.