636 PRFB
636 PRFB is a new modular system for multi-family buildings, this residential construction strategy may be the solution for missing middle housing.

This 10-unit townhome project is the first exploration by D/O Architects to bring a new modular construction idea to market. Composed of 20 modular boxes this development utilizes manufacturing efficiency and site generated renewable energy creating sustainable affordable market rate housing for the middle-class. Each unit is two stories of modular sitting upon a basement composed of prefabricated concrete panels. The system offers the ability to take on many forms and configurations making it a fast and affordable solution to low-rise housing.

The design of the development highlights the tiling of modular units. Each unit has an enclosed balcony and private front yard. The simple modern structure reinvents the traditional row house.
636 Modular’s prefabricated system
minimizes waste and site impact.
The atypical lot shape makes the form of the development complex. The flexibility of the module system highlights the ability for diverse designs on any site. Interior and exterior space is unified extending each unit with a private entry garden.
Each modular unit arrives at the construction site fully finished and ready to stack. Rapid construction makes the construction period only three months to completion. Modular building reduces site impacts and limits noise and traffic issues for neighboring properties during construction.
Interior finishes are clean and simple. Natural wood creates contrast between modern white tiles, walls and natural stone flooring.
Open floor plans create a sense of larger space and light within the overall building.
Contrasting wood and concrete panels create contrast. Each unit features a modular balcony framing private spaces overlooking sustainable gardens from the owner’s suite. 636 Modular are true homes offering a unique urban housing model for families and professionals.