2441 ARTS
The 2441 Arts building is a community-oriented collaboration space centered around sustainability.

The building will become a film arts center and creative offices. This unique, innovative building is 24,000 square feet historic building by famed architect Clarence Johnston. Originally constructed in 1930, it is a rare example of industrial buildings by the architect of Glensheen Mansion. This adaptive re-use is the future home of FilmNorth, other creative agencies, and non-profits. The transformation celebrates historic architecture but transforms it into a pioneering new building filled with light, creativity, and ideas.

2441 Arts creates a low carbon model
for adaptive reuse projects.
The historic building has remained untouched since its construction. For a hundred years the building has been a furniture show room and warehouse.
D/O Architects assisted in garnering historic tax credits to help fund the project. The exterior will be renovated to its original character. The interior will have super insulated walls, new windows, and the latest mechanical systems to create a high performance sustainable building.
The main level and lower level will become the home of FilmNorth. This new space features a public gallery focused on celebrating artists of diverse cultural backgrounds. New office space on the main level gives the organization and the building a public identity and outreach.
Simple elements of glass, white walls, and wood furniture blocks organize the space, while respecting the buildings historic spaces.
The public entry is open, bright, and flexible. This area will host art openings, community gatherings, and co-working spaces for the building.
New offices and meeting spaces work together throughout the building. Tenants enjoy the ability to expand and borrow areas fostering collaboration and community.
The center of the building is their new 50-person Cinema, that will screen new independent films, create teaching opportunities, and host community events.
Signature wood vaults harken to a time of art deco theaters, while reinventing the space as an innovative contemporary space.
The latest technology will allow the cinema to work as a classroom, cinema, and venue for hosting art events.
The lower level features the best of technology within classrooms and youth spaces expanding the offerings of the existing center.
All building occupants enjoy a public garden allowing outdoor cinema and other community events.
Spaces compliment the mission of engaging the community and celebrating art. The back plaza will host outdoor movies, community events and daily connections with nature in a post-industrial area. The planting beds will also harvest storm water and limit the buildings impact.